Friday Five - Tales from Today’s Drive to Baltimore

Well, for the third time in a month, I’m in Maryland. The previous two times I drove down, I was driving to Towson, and my drive was pretty uneventful. Today, I was driving to Baltimore (for Comic-Con), and I figured I’d share some stories from my drive, as today’s Friday Five.

1. When I left Connecticut this morning -- at about 10:30 -- it was 53 degrees and raining. When I got to my hotel in Baltimore (as an aside, a beautiful hotel with a 15th-floor view of the Inner Harbor) it was 82 degrees and sunny. Remind me again why I ever moved back to Connecticut?

2. So I’m wearing my LeBron James jersey T-shirt -- I normally am not a fan of jersey tees, but this one is incredibly comfortable and perfect for a six-hour drive -- and I’m at a rest stop in New Jersey. Some guy sees me and asks “hey, are you a fan of minor league sports?” I say “I guess.” He says “I could tell from the Cleveland shirt,” and laughs at his perceived cleverness. I quickly respond, “It could be worse, I could be a Knicks fan.” I then turn around, so he can see the “JAMES” on the back, and say as I’m walking away, “Enjoy Eddy Curry.” He wasn’t pleased.

3. The reason I stopped at that rest stop in Jersey? To pick up an EZ Pass. Why have I been making this drive for more than a decade without one of these? This trip was so much easier because of it.

4. As I got into Delaware, there were road signs indicating major congestion on I-95, causing delays of up to an hour. Now, I hate sitting in traffic, so I decided to get off the highway and take Route 40 into Baltimore. Not only did I avoid the traffic on 95, but I actually got to see Maryland, instead of a generic interstate highway, so that was pretty cool.

5. On most of my long road trips lately, I’ve been forgoing my iPhone’s shuffle option and cycling through albums. Today’s album list went as follows:
-DJ Break Presents Britney (a Britney Spears mixtape; yes, they do exist)
-Kanye West - Graduation
-Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
-Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon
-Lindsay Lohan - Speak
-Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition)

Yes, I’m aware how strange that mix of music is. I’m not sure what I’m going to listen to on the way back (the last two times I was driving back from Towson, it was Sunday afternoon and I listened to the Redskins game). I’m sure Britney will be involved, but beyond that, I’ve got no idea. Even today, when one album finished, I went back to shuffle and just kept skipping until I got to an album I wanted to hear (it took two skips to get from Kanye to Kelly). I kinda wish I had the new Mariah, but I don’t yet. Of course, I also wish I could watch video during my drive, but that’s incredibly dangerous, and pretty illegal too, so music it is.