Series of Tubes: Reaction to “Desperate Housewives” Season Six Premiere

Like I wrote in my earlier post, I’m still catching up with TV. Last night, after watching FOX’s animated shows, I got through the season premiere of ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”.

Now, over the past five years, this show has given us a series of plot twists and turns that would make your average daytime soap opera writer blush. But I’ve dealt with them, because, well, I honestly can’t really finish that sentence anymore. Watching this show last night, I found myself questioning why I still do.

A couple things:
-I HATE Lynette’s current plot. The idea that she doesn’t love her unborn twins is just awful, and honestly very out of character. Also, considering how much time she spent complaining about how many kids she had, where the hell were they in this show?
-Katherine needs to get over Mike (and with as feisty as Dana Delany was looking in that episode, it shouldn’t be hard for her to find another man). It’s not like she has long-term attachments to men, considering somewhere between season 4 and season 5, Nathan Fillion’s Adam just completely disappeared and has never been mentioned again -- even though Katherine kept his last name.
-Remember a couple seasons ago when Gaby tried to be a modeling coach for a bunch of kids? She seemed to actually enjoy it. So why didn’t she jump at the opportunity to mold her niece into a model? I feel like sometimes the writers forget what the characters in this show have done in the past.

On a related note, the new family in town, with Drea de Matteo’s mysterious scar and the creepy kid, feels like a re-hash of a bunch of characters from the past. de Matteo’s mother seems a little too much like a mix of Katherine and Betty Applewhite. The husband seems like an Adam Mayfair/Rex Van de Camp mashup and the kid is the worst of Paul Young and Matthew Applewhite combined.

Oh, and if you think it was the new kid in town who strangled Susan’s daughter Julie (who is back in town after a season of living away from home), you’re probably mistaken. Mysteries on “Desperate Housewives” are never that easily solved. Of course, in the past, I actually cared.

I don’t intend to sound so negative, but this show was once a must-watch for me every week. Now, after five years on the air (and a five-year jump into the future that I think let a lot of creative air out of the balloon), it all feels like old hat -- and that’s without getting into the most off-putting plot in the entire episode, the Bree-Orson-Karl love/hate triangle. I see myself watching this show as long as its on the air, but right now, it’s moving up the drop list.
SCORE: 6 (out of 10)