Reviewing My Week 1 NFL Picks

As you may have heard on the podcast, I predicted the Steelers and Eagles to meet in the Super Bowl, with the Steelers winning. Both of those picks still look decent after Week 1, though both teams obviously suffered significant injuries.

As for my specific Week 1 picks -- which weren’t detailed on the podcast, but entered in a Yahoo pick’em league -- well, things actually turned out OK.

Correct picks
Steelers def. Titans
Falcons def. Dolphins
Vikings def. Browns
Colts def. Jaguars
Saints def. Lions
Cowboys def. Bucs
Eagles def. Panthers
Ravens def. Chiefs
Giants def. Redskins
Seahawks def. Rams
Packers def. Bears

Incorrect picks
Bengals over Broncos (stupid Brandon Stokley)
Texans over Jets (stupid entire Texans offense -- also costing me multiple fantasy football games this week)
Cardinals over 49ers (same old Cardinals)

If the Patriots and Chargers win tonight, then I’ll end up with a 13-3 Week 1, going chalk. Yes, it’s boring, but it’s been a successful strategy so far.