Ranking All 103 Britney Spears Songs: #61-80

A refresher for those of you who missed yesterday’s post: leading up to Sunday’s Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas, I’m ranking every Britney Spears song of all-time.

Before we get to today’s list (No. 61 - No. 80), let’s hit the breaking news of the day. On Nov. 24, Britney will release a compilation of all her singles, including a new song -- “3” -- which will hit airwaves on Sept. 29.

To answer your questions:

-yes, I will be buying the ultimate fan boxset, despite the fact I already have multiple copies of all these songs
-no, I’m not re-doing my rankings for “3”, since it’s still not out yet.

OK, on to today’s rankings

80. “That’s Where You Take Me” (“Britney”)
This is my lowest-ranked song from the standard edition of “Britney”. “Britney” is the only album that placed all of its standard tracks in the top 80.

79. “Get Back” (“Blackout”, iTunes bonus track)
I’m kind of surprised this wasn’t included on the regular edition of the album. It’s a solid track, and fits with the sound of the other tracks that were included.

78. “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” (“Britney”)
I like this song a lot, just not when performed by Britney Spears. Gimme Joan Jett any day of the week.

77. “Blur” (“Circus”)
This song has grown on me since “Circus” first came out.

76. “Toy Soldier” (“Blackout”)
Ditto for this one, which at one point might have been in my bottom 10, but gets better every time I hear it.

75. “Where Are You Now” (“Oops!... I Did It Again”)
Easily the worst of the six Max Martin-penned tracks on this album.

74. “I Run Away” (“Britney”, iTunes Deluxe Edition)
This song was the B-side to “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know”. I really liked it when it came out, but it hasn’t aged well.

73. “Perfect Lover” (“Blackout”)
The same foursome that wrote this song also wrote “Gimme More” and “Break the Ice”. It’s pretty clear that this is the worst of that trio of tracks.

72. “Rock Me In” (“Circus”)
I think I liked this song more when the album first came out than I do now. It’s moving in the opposite direction of “Blur”, and if I redo these rankings in a year, they may have flipped spots. But for now, “Rock Me In” gets the nod.

71. “Mona Lisa” (“Britney and Kevin: Chaotic”)
To reiterate yesterday’s sentiment, I hate Kevin Federline.

70. “Autumn Goodbye” (“...Baby One More Time”, international edition)
This song was the b-side to the single of “...Baby One More Time”, so I definitely played it a lot back in ’98 (when I actually had the cassette single of “...Baby One More Time”).

69. “And Then We Kiss” (“B In the Mix: The Remixes”)
The original version of this song was supposed to be on “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic”, but got cut. To this day, the only official version that’s ever been released is the Junkie XL Remix. I kind of wonder what the original version sounds like.

68. “Out From Under” (“Circus”)
I have to be honest. I end up skipping this song way more often than I should, because it’s a slow song in the middle of a great run of five up-tempo songs on the album. At least it marks the next line of demarcation, between songs I’m not crazy about (69-88) and songs I like. Again, I’ll let you know when we get to the next level.

67. “Let Me Be” (“Britney”)
I probably moved this song up and down the rankings more than any other. It ended up here, which still feels low to me.

66. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (“Oops!... I Did It Again”)
I actually feel bad about liking this cover as much as I do. My apologies to the Rolling Stones, but I’ve definitely played this version more than your original.

65. “Someday (I Will Understand)” (“Britney and Kevin: Chaotic”)
I’m not sure we’ll ever understand why Britney married K-Fed.

64. “Shadow” (“In The Zone”)
This is the first song from this album to show up in the rankings since “The Hook Up” at No. 84. In fact, eight of the 15 tracks from “In The Zone” show up my top 40. I would not have expected that.

63. “The Beat Goes On” (“...Baby One More Time”)
This is the highest ranked of the three classic covers on Britney Spears’s first three albums.

62. “Cinderella” (“Britney”)
Like “Let Me Be”, this song moved a lot in the rankings. I feel like it ended up in the right place.

61. “Deep In My Heart” (“...Baby One More Time”, international edition)
I always have to remind myself that this song wasn’t on the U.S. “...Baby One More Time” release for two reasons. First, it’s pretty good. Second, on the Australian version of the album (which I have), it’s track 9, which is a weird placement for a bonus track. It was also the b-side for “Oops!... I Did It Again” (and yes, I do have that single, but on CD, not cassette).

Coming tomorrow: No. 41-60, including the lowest-ranked of the 24 songs that have charted in the U.S.