Ranking All 103 Britney Spears Songs: #41-60

A refresher for those of you who missed the last two days: leading up to Sunday’s Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas, I’m ranking every Britney Spears song of all-time. These are simply my opinions. There’s no scientific formula involved. If you disagree, well, leave a comment.

OK, on to today’s rankings...

60. “Mannequin” (“Circus”)
A lot of people were disappointed when this song -- which Britney performed live in Europe -- wasn’t on the set list when she came back to the U.S. I wasn’t one of them.

59. “Phonography” (“Circus”, deluxe edition)
I think I liked this song better when the album came out. It’s solid. Not great.

58. “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” (“...Baby One More Time”)
Yes, it’s a cheesy love song. I might sound like a girl, but I still like those.

57. “I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)” (“Greatest Hits: My Prerogative”)
This is the second-best song of all-time with “just begun” in the title (“We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters still holds that crown).

56. “Mmm Papi” (“Circus”)
Just a fun party song.

55. “Freakshow” (“Blackout”)
This is another song that I have a better appreciation for now that I’ve seen it live.

54. “When Your Eyes Say It” (“Oops!... I Did It Again”)
Diane Warren is an incredible songwriter.

53. “Trouble” (“Circus”, iTunes bonus track)
I kept trying to think of something witty to write here, playing on the name of the song, but instead, I’ll just say I like this song.

52. “Anticipating” (“Britney”)
This is a great song to drive to. It’s so fun and bouncy.

51. “Unusual You” (“Circus”)
This is one of those weird songs that’s caught between being uptempo and slow, but somehow it works.

50. “Showdown” (“In The Zone”)
I love the provocative lyrics in this one.

49. “Heaven on Earth” (“Blackout”)
Ya know, because Britney was in her full-fledged craziness mode, “Blackout” didn’t get the respect it deserved. This was one of a number of really good songs on the album.

48. “Touch of My Hand” (“In The Zone”)
I’ll be completely honest: I was pretty turned off by this song when it first came out. I don’t need to hear about Britney masturbating. But it’s actually a really good song.

47. “What U See (Is What You Get)” (“Oops!... I Did It Again”)
I like this song, but I hate that it has the fake phone call intro to “Lucky” tacked on to the end of it. I have to wait through it every time, just to keep my iTunes play counts accurate.

46. “Bombastic Love” (“Britney”)
This song is probably 10 spots higher than it should be, on the strength of the beat. It’s a really good Max Martin/Rami production.

45. “Lace and Leather” (“Circus”)
“French fingertips, red lips, bitch is dangerous.” Everything about that first line, yes.

44. “Brave New Girl” (“In The Zone”)
Completely random fact: back in 2003, this song was offered as a single on a mini-CD as part of a promotion with Sbarro’s. I worked at a mall at the time, where there was a Sbarro’s. I kept checking with them every day until they got the CD in. Somewhere in my basement, I still have that mini-CD.

43. “Do Somethin’” (“Greatest Hits: My Prerogative”)
U.S. Chart Peak: 100
Yes, this is the lowest-ranking charting single in my complete rankings. If I’d done these rankings a year ago, this song would actually be lower, but since I’ve seen Britney perform it live, I’ve come to like it more.

42. “Everybody” (“Blackout”, international edition)
I still can’t believe this song (with a sample from The Eurythmics) was left off the standard version of the album. It’s such a damn fun song.

41. “One Kiss from You” (“Oops!... I Did It Again”)
Another one of those cheesy pop songs from Britney’s early career, but it just works.

Coming tomorrow: No. 21-40, where we’ll finally get into some songs that casual Britney fans would recognize.