Friday Five - Eliza Dushku Roles

Back in February, before the series premiere of “Dollhouse”, I picked my Fave 5 Eliza Dushku roles. Well, fast forward seven months, and it’s time for the Season 2 premiere of “Dollhouse” tonight, which means it’s time for me to revisit the topic. And yes, there have been some changes since February.

5. Shaundi (voice) in “Saints Row 2”
I’m not sure there’s a non-sports game I’ve ever played as much as I played this game. Of all the supporting characters, I got the most enjoyment out of Dushku’s Shaundi, the gang-banging stoner. Most people don’t appreciate the work that goes into a voice role for a video game, but bad voice work can ruin the whole experience, so I applaud Eliza for her work on this one.

4. Dana Tasker in “True Lies”
Yes, it’s a relatively small supporting role, from back when Dushku was just 13 years old, but she holds her own against a group of talented actors and actresses. And I reiterate my sentiment from February that a sequel, in which Dushku has to team up with her dad (still played by Schwarzenegger) to save her mom from terrorists would be awesome.

3. Echo/Caroline in “Dollhouse”
For most of Season 1, I felt a little let down about how the show was using Dushku in the lead role. But as things went on, the role got so much better. Things really turned with “Echoes” and just got amazing with “Omega”. Also, if you haven’t seen the unaired season finale “Epitaph One” (available on the DVD/Blu-ray), Dushku does some amazing work with her character, despite limited screen time.

2. Missy Pantone in “Bring It On”
I still get shit from my friends for owning this DVD. I don’t care. I bought it back in college, because I was casually dating a cheerleader at the time and she loved it. I turns out I loved it too. “I transferred from Los Angeles/Your school has no gymnastics team/This is a last resort.” Still makes me laugh.

1. Faith in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”
For anyone who tries to claim that Eliza isn’t a good actress, I would point them to the four-episode, show-spanning arc that consisted of “This Year’s Girl” and “Who Are You” in Season 4 of “Buffy” along with “Five by Five” and “Sanctuary” on “Angel”. Her breakdown in the alley at the end of “Five by Five” is some of the best acting done in the 12 combined seasons of the two shows.