Britney Spears Wraps Up The Circus Tour in Las Vegas

OK, first of all, I’ve had exactly four hours of sleep in the last 33 hours, so I’m probably not going to be the most coherent writer right now. Sleep deprivation aside (and, really, who needs sleep when you’re in Las Vegas), last night was incredible.

First up, I’ve got a send a shoutout to Jen Friel, who came up from Los Angeles to attend the concert with me. We had a great time (dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Lupo, followed by the concert, and a little live in-casino entertainment afterwards) and she really seemed to be enjoying the show. A Britney Spears concert is always more fun when you’re there with someone else who likes Britney -- especially someone who hasn’t seen the show before.

As for this show, compared to the other four on the tour I’ve been to, it was pretty amazing. Britney changed up her costume at both the beginning and the end, and I really liked the new (or technically, original) opening act costume better than the gold-spiked outfit she’d be wearing for most of this leg.

Also, for “Breathe on Me”, normally they bring one of Britney’s dancers or crew out on stage, under the guise of it being a random person from the crowd. For this show, they changed it up though, and the “random” guest was actually Lance Bass (formerly of ‘N SYNC). You could tell by Britney’s reaction that she had no idea that was coming (in one of my photos, you can actually see her laugh when she’s supposed to be lip-syncing).

For “Womanizer”, Britney was back to her first-leg costume, ditching the police outfit. At the end, they sprayed the crowd with confetti (as they do at every show), which was the point at which Jen and I realized we were basically right under the confetti machine. We got covered in it, but it was just a phenomenal night overall.

The only bad part of the night was realizing at the end of the show that the tour was over. Yes, I’ve considered following her to Australia, but that might be overkill (plus, I still don’t have a passport). I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my YouTube videos (four new ones last night!) and hope for a concert DVD. Until that comes out, enjoy last night’s performance of “Circus” -- I’ll get the other videos up on YouTube as soon as I can.