Tuesday Countdown to Britney: T-Minus 2 Weeks and Counting

Yep, in just two weeks, I’ll be sitting ringside at Madison Square Garden for the second of back-to-back Britney Spears shows -- on the second leg of a tour I’ve already seen. Sure, some of the songs will be different from the show I saw in May, but there’s no way the shows on Aug. 24 and 25 will be any different from each other.

So why, two weeks before the concert am I considering buying additional Britney Spears tickets? Well, obviously, I have a serious problem. That said, let’s look at the shows I’m considering, and why I’m considering each one.

August 26 at Madison Square Garden
A couple weeks ago -- well after I’d purchased my tickets for the first two MSG shows -- they added a third date in New York. I’m really tempted to stay for this show too, especially since ringside seats are still available.
Best seat available: Ringside, Row 1, Seat 2

August 29 at TD Garden (Boston)
If I didn’t feel like staying in New York for another night -- which would also involve taking another day off from work and paying for another night at a hotel -- I could always go to this show in Boston, which would mean a simple drive to the former FleetCenter and back. Plus, I’ve never seen Britney in Boston, despite having lived in New England for most of my life.
Best seat available: Floor, In The Zone SRO

September 27 at Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)
I already had the experience of seeing the last show on the first leg of the tour, and this is the last show on the tour altogether. Plus, Britney’s Live in Las Vegas DVD was amazing, so I’d love to see her in Vegas.
Best seat available: Floor, In The Zone SRO

Not that I’d ever do this, but if I bought that “best seat available” for all three of those shows, it would cost me close to $1,000. Even I’m not that insane. ... Maybe.