Tuesday Countdown to Britney: T-Minus 1 Week and Counting

Holy crap, it’s almost here...

Again, just a reminder, the Tuesday show I’ve been counting down to is actually the second of the two Britney Spears concerts at MSG that I’m attending. I’ll see her the first time at MSG on August 24th, from about the 13th row. But it’s the 25th that I’m really interested in, since I have ringside seats.

That Tuesday August 25 show will easily be the closest I’ve been to the stage at a Britney Spears concert, but it won’t be the closest I’ve been to Britney Spears. No, that would have been September of 1999.

Flashback 10 years ago, I was working at my school paper, and had tickets to a Britney concert in Baltimore. I told my editors I wanted to do a story on Britney, who was still climbing the charts to superstardom, but wasn’t there yet. They agreed, and let me do the story. Then, a few days before the concert, one of the people at the paper informed me that he had a contact at Jive Records, and got me into the Meet and Greet before the show.

I was so excited on the day of the show. I was supposed to actually get a five-minute interview with Britney, but due to a miscommunication with the label, that didn’t happen. Still, I got to meet her, and even hug her (again, a reminder, Britney and I are only separated by one year in age, so it’s not weird at all). She was amazingly sweet, and VERY attractive in person.

So that’s my “I met Britney” story. I doubt I’ll get to meet her again in NYC, but if I do, I’ll keep you posted.