Inside The Covington Curse

I’m still working on the latest issue of “The Covington Curse” -- another two-parter that I’m condensing to one issue -- but in the meantime, I figured I’d post some things about the series. This isn’t really an FAQ, but this does answer some questions people have asked me about the stories/characters/etc.

First off, the name. Yes, it was originally, “Internal Damnation”, but I’ve since changed it. I was never a big fan of the name, which PooZ and I came up with about three years ago, when I first came up with the idea for the series. In the time since then, the name has since been used for something else, so I decided to change it. I’m still not happy with the name, but, honestly, the name isn’t a big deal.

As for how I came up with the idea, well, I wish I could say it was the result of grand planning, but really, it just sort of came to me one day, and I started spitballing stuff to develop the characters as I wrote. It wasn’t until I was about five or six issues in that I really sat down and started fleshing out the whole curse, the story behind it, and the backgrounds for all the characters. Now I’ve got full character stories written for each of the four main characters (yes, there are four, including someone you won’t meet for a couple more issues) as well as a complete timeline so I can keep events straight.

Right now, the three main characters of the series are Jackson Jennings, Kristen Meadows and Carolyn Nicols (and, yes, I frequently have to remind myself that Meadows’s first name is “Kristen” and not “Kristin”, and that Carolyn’s last name is spelled “Nicols” and not “Nichols”). Jackson, as of the time of these early issues (which are taking place in the summer of 2008), is just short of his 25th birthday. Meadows is 24 and Carolyn is 23. All three of them attended college briefly (Jackson and Meadows went to USC, Carolyn went to Miami) but none of them got anywhere close to finishing.

As for Jackson’s background -- and relation to the curse -- he was born and raised in California. His mother was Gwendolyn Jennings, though she’d been born Anna Covington. She was given up for adoption at birth, hoping to break the Covington Curse. Unfortunately, her subsequent adoption and name change didn’t break the curse, and she died giving birth to Jackson. Jackson’s father, Jeremy, died one month after his 18th birthday -- the birthday that triggered the curse in Jackson.

I’ve made mention of Jackson’s football background a few times. He was a top high school player (I’ve never made specific reference to how good he was, but I’d imagine he was one of the top 25 recruits in the nation) and signed with USC to play wide receiver. The curse kicked in just before his college debut, and he suffered severe injuries to both knees in his first college game (think Wendell Davis crossed with Shaun Livingston). Jackson’s football background will come into play more in the second “season”.

I’d go into the backgrounds of Meadows and Carolyn more here, but I want to let them develop in the issues. As for the “season” structure of the issues, you have to remember, this was originally planned as a comic book, so each year would have 13 issues (12 regular issues, plus an “annual”). I’d written all of Year 1, and about half of Year 2, before I stopped. In both cases, the year ended with a four-part series, which I plan on releasing as one story on this site. As for Year 3, if I ever get to it, I had the idea for the main story arc, but hadn’t really broken it down to individual issues, so if I get to that point, Year 3 will be one long story (though some chapters will have a stand-alone feel to them).

OK, enough exposition for now. I hope to have the next issue -- Kissing Daylight -- done for you by this time next week. Also, if PooZ gets me more character sketches (he is working on them), you’ll actually get to see what I envisioned these characters looking like.