Friday Five - The Whirlwind Tour Continues

I know I haven’t done a Friday Five since the first one back on July 31, but I’ve been keeping busy. Since then, I went to the Jordan Exhibit at the Basketball Hall of Fame, a Mets-Braves game (Mets lost, of course) and two Britney Spears concerts. That continues a summer that started back in May with a Britney Spears concert, continued with the 2009 NBA Finals and also included two baseball games in July. So what’s next? Well, let’s look at the schedule:

1. August 29 - Britney Spears at TD Garden
Yes, it’s another Britney concert. I don’t care that I’ve already seen her twice this week, I’m crazy excited about seeing her again.

2. Sept. 4 - Kelly Clarkson at Essex (VT) Fairgrounds
I haven’t seen Kelly Clarkson live since the duet concert with Reba McEntire last November, so this should be lots of fun. Plus, my buddy Phil is getting married two days later, also in Vermont, so I have an actual reason to be in the state besides Kelly.

3. Sept. 11 - Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Springfield, MA
Two words: Michael Jordan. I might actually be more excited about this than any of my Britney Spears concerts (note, I said “might”).

4. Sept. 27 - Britney Spears at Mandalay Bay
I haven’t been to Vegas in years (save for a brief stopover on my way to L.A. for the 2008 NBA Finals) but I don’t plan on doing much gambling. I do plan on seeing Britney Spears. Again. This is her last stop on The Circus Tour in the U.S., so it might be the last time I get to see her live for a few years. And, don’t forget, I’ve got an extra ticket.

5. Oct. 2 - Kelly Clarkson at Mohegan Sun
Yes, this will be the second time I see Kelly Clarkson on this tour and this will pretty much wrap up my personal summer concert tour (five Britney Spears shows, two Kelly Clarkson shows) unless I decide to see her in New York, New Jersey or Boston (all possibilities). It’ll also probably be the last major event I attend in person until NBA season starts.