Eerie Hidden Headline in J. Scott Campbell Print

So when I got home today, I had a happy present waiting for me: the J. Scott Campbell NYCC exclusive print, featuring Mary Jane Watson. I won this in an eBay auction more than a month ago, and it finally arrived today (worst... shipper... ever...).

I’ve seen this print plenty of times before online, but seeing it in person, I noticed something I’d never seen before. Look closely at the left headline above the masthead on the Daily Bugle sitting on MJ’s coffee table.  It’s hard to see in the scaled print, so I took a close-up picture of it:

“Mid-Air Collision
Control Tower to Blame”

Now, this print debuted back in February at NYCC and was probably drawn well before that. But it was also used as the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #601, which came out on August 5. Three days later, there was a mid-air collision over the Hudson River, and the investigation is currently focusing on the control tower. That’s just creepy.

Wikipedia’s list of notable mid-air collisions only includes one other one in New York City, and that happened back in 1960, so it’s not like Campbell was referencing some kind of recent event when he was drawing this. It could have been a reference to Chesley Sullenberger’s famed Hudson River landing, but that happened three weeks before NYCC, and it’s likely the print was already done before that.

Only Campbell knows the true inspiration for using the headline (which, again, is a VERY minor part of the entire print), but its appearance on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man three days before an actual headline-making mid-air collision in New York City is just eerie.