Updated Condo Pictures

Well, I promised it last week, and I finally got around to doing it -- taking updated pictures of my condo. I didn’t take any pictures of the basement, since it is just a storage/laundry room now, and I didn’t take any pictures of the bathroom, because, quite frankly, you don’t need to see my bathroom.

But I do have updated pictures of my living room, kitchen, dining room (which has been converted into a computer workspace) and bedroom.

Also, in the pictures, there are 30 unique action figures/statues/busts. If you can identify all of them, well, then, you’re probably PooZ (hint, there are 3 in the kitchen, 10 in the computer area and 17 in the living room, and I’m not counting the Blu-ray Bat-pod case for “The Dark Knight”).

My Condo