Tuesday Countdown to Britney: T Minus 4 Weeks and Counting

I’m very excited right now, because in EXACTLY four weeks, I’ll be sitting ringside at Madison Square Garden, where I’ll have an up-close view of Britney Spears as she makes the rounds on the second United States leg of “The Circus” Tour.

Technically, I’ll have seen the exact same show the night before, but those are just lower-bowl seats -- “only” the 13th row. August 25th, I’ll be as close as I can be to Britney without violating any laws (and, please, hold your restraining order jokes, I’ve heard them all before).

For those who’ve forgotten, I saw the last show on the first leg of the tour, at Mohegan Sun. I took plenty of pictures, and a bunch of videos too.

To prepare for this concert (again ONLY FOUR WEEKS AWAY!), I’m making every Tuesday “Britney Day” at AdamReisinger.com.

Check back later, and I’ll reveal my most-played Britney track from each of her six studio albums.