Friday Five: My Tattoos

Yesterday, I got my newest tattoo, the fifth one I’ve had done during my life. I figure now is as good a time as any to go over all of them.

Tattoo #1 - “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it”

This was my very first tattoo, which I had done on September 24, 2005, just after I moved into my new condo. My family was definitely surprised that I even got a tattoo, given that I was deathly afraid of needles growing up (and I still hate medical needles). The quote is from the Season 5 finale of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, my favorite single episode of a television show all time. The tattoo is rendered in the “Buffied” font, and on my right arm.

Tattoo #2 - Angel Investigations Logo

Just about a month later (Oct. 27, 2005), I got my second tattoo done. This is the Angel Investigations logo from the “Buffy” spinoff “Angel”, done on my left wrist. The tattoo is inked around a small scar on my wrist. This was by far the least expensive tattoo I’ve had done, and until my most recent one was the most painful to have done. There’s not as much padding around the wrist, meaning you feel every press of the needle.

Tattoo #3 - Mary Jane Watson

I went more than two years before having another tattoo done, finally getting Mary Jane inked on my left arm on Nov. 10, 2007. I wavered between using this art (drawn by PooZ) and a version of MJ done by Tim Sale but eventually decided on this, because I knew if I ever wanted to get matching tattoos, it’d be easier to get something drawn by PooZ than by Tim Sale.

Tattoo #4 - Gwen Stacy

PooZ gave me the artwork for this one sometime around Halloween of 2008, but I held on to it for about six months before I got it inked, on April 11, 2009. This is actually flipped from the artwork PooZ did -- originally I was going to have it on MJ’s left, but I decided to put Gwen on the right when I had it done. Also, when PooZ gave me the art, he actually gave me two designs. I ended up going with this one, because it more matched Gwen’s final appearance. The other one had her in her iconic striped shirt, but would have been much harder to translate as a tattoo (and, I think PooZ will agree with me on this, the face looked better on this one).

Tattoo #5 - Black Cat

As soon as I got the Gwen Stacy tattoo done, I knew Black Cat would be next. I let PooZ take his time with the art, since I knew she’d be a little harder to do, and he got it to me last week. This is probably the quickest I’ve gone between getting the art and having the tattoo done. At this point, with Gwen, MJ and Black Cat all on the right arm, PooZ and I are going to work on something to tie them all together. I just need to let this one heal first (since it STILL hurts).