The Covington Curse #6: Descent

This story is longer than some of the previous ones, because originally it was a two-parter, but I decided, since I wasn’t limited by the comic book format (in terms of page limits) so I just condensed it into one story. Well, condensed isn’t really the right word, since it’s 24 pages, but I think it flows better that way.

This issue of “The Covington Curse” owes a lot to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, the inspiration for the setting. In this issue, Jackson ventures into hell, or “Infernate”, in hopes of finding information that would lead to a curse for his curse.

Infernate, the hell dimension they visit, is the third distinct dimension in the “Covington Curse” universe, joining Abata’s home dimension and the standard dimension where most of the stories take place.

For those that are new to “The Covington Curse”, be sure to start with the first five issues before reading this one.

Download the sixth (and technically seventh) issue and let me know what you think.