The Covington Curse #5: Nemesis, Part II

This story completes the two-issue “Nemesis” story arc, in which we meet Maximillian Vandercashen, and Jackson has to deal with the kidnapping of Meadows -- his closest, and perhaps only, friend.

This issue took longer than I expected to convert from a comic script into a short story, mostly because I kept tweaking the dialogue and set-up along the way. Originally, Vandercashen wasn’t physically in the room with Carolyn and Jackson in the opening scene, and there was also dialogue between Jackson and Meadows at the end. I decided the final scene worked better if they didn’t actually say anything to each other.

For those that are new to “The Covington Curse”, be sure to start with the first four issues before reading this one.

Download the fifth issue and let me know what you think.