Catching up...

- One of the things I’d meant to do on my vacation a few weeks back was update the “Buffy Collection” section of my web site -- I didn’t get around to it then, but I finally did it the other day, and it wasn’t as out of date as I’d thought, mostly because there haven’t been a lot of new “Buffy” collectibles released in the last two years. There are still two statues I need to photograph (a couple of “Tooned Up” Electric Tiki releases), but I did update all the comic covers.

- Yesterday, PooZ, Wayne and I all went to the Red Sox-Orioles game at Fenway Park. John Smoltz got rocked and the Red Sox lost, 6-2. I’m not a Sox fan, but I root for them when I go, out of respect for PooZ. That said, I was happy to see Smoltz stink up the joint. I have no love for former Braves, even one that didn’t necessarily kill the Mets (Smoltz was only 18-15 carer against the Mets, though he was a perfect 24-for-24 in save opportunities as a closer).

- Also, the Orioles win continues a strange streak for me -- the road team has won the last four sporting events I attended. The streak started in the NBA Finals, when the Lakers won Games 4 and 5. Then the Dodgers beat the Mets at CitiField, and now Sunday’s win by the Orioles. Prior to this, home teams had won 13 of the last 15 games I’d been to, dating to the start of the ’07-08 NBA season.

- I’ve been posting more frequently on, if you haven’t been there lately. From now on, most of my comic book and movie review-type stuff will go there. I will still post TV thoughts here (though I did a “Dollhouse” post on earlier today), and once college football season rolls around, I’ll keep doing my poll here. Also, “The Covington Curse” will always be here, as will “This Week in Buffy History”.

- I don’t promote it much, since most of my personal video mashups don’t end up there, but I have spruced up my YouTube channel. Right now, it’s got 22 videos up there, most of which are from the Britney Spears concert at Mohegan Sun, but I do have some NBA Playoffs videos (including two live videos from the 2009 NBA Finals). As for my “Buffy” videos, those are on a page here on

- Lastly, you’ve probably noticed that the nav bar at the top of this site is surprisingly sparse. Well, I re-did the front page of the web site (no more entry page -- takes you directly to the blog) and added a “sections” nav on the front page. This is mainly to deal with the intricacies of iWeb, which doesn’t handle multiple “sites” well. For those of you familiar with iWeb, is actually a single domain file with seven distinct sites inside, including LeBron2010 and the Podcast -- the reason I did it this way is to better maintain the separation between the different visual looks and make external redirects easier. For those of you not familiar with iWeb, well, consider yourselves lucky.