Best of Britney Spears: By The Numbers

Britney Spears has released six studio albums, starting with 1999’s “...Baby One More Time” and culminating with 2008’s “Circus”. I’ve purchased every one of them, most of them the minute they were released (including 2000’s “Oops!... I Did It Again”, which was released a day before my 20th birthday).

I could re-hash my favorite Britney albums of all-time, my favorite songs from her latest album, or even my favorite videos of hers, but instead, I wanna go strictly by the numbers.

So here they are, my most-played songs from each of Britney’s six studio albums, according to my iTunes Library. But first, a little explanation -- I’ve got multiple versions of each song in my library, thanks to singles, remixes, etc. So this list reflects the most played song, including ALL versions.

...Baby One More Time” from “...Baby One More Time”
- This wasn’t a surprise at all. 199 plays in iTunes -- which only starting recording play counts in July of 2002. I’m pretty sure this will always be among my favorite Britney songs.

Oops!... I Did It Again” from “Oops!... I Did It Again”
- I really like title tracks, I guess (though I think it’s more something to do with first singles), and this is actually my most-played Britney song of all-time. 311 plays so far, among 16 tracks (including three live versions).

I’m A Slave 4 U” from “Britney”
- My actual favorite Britney song (probably, I still think) has been played 202 times so far.
from “In the Zone”. That’s in a tie for third among all Britney songs, and would be higher if I owned more remixes of this track.

Toxic” from “In the Zone”
- My second-most played Britney track is also probably my second-favorite, and depending on how I feel on a particular day, may in fact be my favorite. It’s been played 283 times so far.

Piece of Me” from “Blackout”
- Now we get into the more recent stuff, which doesn’t have nearly the play count strength of the past. “Piece of Me” has only been played 78 times.

Circus” from “Circus”
- I predicted back when this album came out that this song would be my most-played off this album, and so far I’ve been right. 57 plays, which is 10 more than both “Womanizer” and “If U Seek Amy”. I also predicted that it’d eventually be in my top 10 overall. Well, that’s a ways off, as you’ll see by this list:

Adam’s Top 10 Most Played Britney Spears Songs
Including All Alternate Versions
  1. Oops!... I Did It Again - 313 plays
  2. Toxic - 283 plays
  3. I’m A Slave 4 U - 202 plays
  4. Me Against the Music - 202 plays (tie broken by fewer total tracks)
  5. ...Baby One More Time - 199 plays
  6. Stronger - 177 plays
  7. (You Drive Me Crazy) - 174 plays
  8. Overprotected - 165 plays
  9. Everytime - 138 plays
  10. Boys - 115 plays