Live from Orlando!

Well, after a nice (sarcasm alert) cross-country flight from L.A. to Orlando, I’m here for Games 3, 4 and (if necessary) 5 of the 2009 NBA Finals.

I still hate the Magic (go Cavs!) but I’m willing to set aside my bitterness to root for Orlando to win at least 2 games here and send the series back to Los Angeles. However, they missed a big opportunity to steal one last night. The end-of-regulation play drawn up for Courtney Lee was amazing, but Lee got too deep to get a good look at the basket.

I’ve got a friend coming down from Connecticut for Game 3 tomorrow, so we’ll enjoy the action before hanging out on Wednesday. If the Magic do win either Game 3 or Game 4, I’ll have two days between Games 4 and 5, so send along your Orlando suggestions and I’ll take them into consideration.