The Covington Curse #3 - When We Were Normal

Issue No. 3 of “The Covington Curse” has been converted into story form and is now available for your consumption. When I started writing this series, I’d always intended to reveal Jackson’s backstory through flashbacks, but I never expected I’d get to it so soon.

This story fills in some of the basics of the “power” Jackson and Meadows have referred to in the first two issues, while also covered how Jackson got mixed up in all this in the first place. The story jumps back six years in time, still leaving plenty of stories to be told from Jackson’s early adventures (and we’ll get to one of those pretty soon, and another big one around Issue #20 or so).

For those that are new to “The Covington Curse”, be sure to start with Issue #1, “Friends and Foes” and Issue #2, “Misdirected” before reading this one.

Download the third issue and let me know what you think.

The Covington Curse - When We Were Normal