The Covington Curse #2 - Misdirected

Well, it only took six weeks, but I finally got around to converting the second of my 17 “The Covington Curse” scripts to story form. For those of you that don’t remember the first post, “The Covington Curse” is the comic book series I attempted to write with PooZ as my artist. We never got an issue done, but I did write 17 scripts, with outlines for 15-20 more.

This issue, the second in the series, was one of my least favorites when I originally wrote it, but I tweaked it upon editing it, so it flows a little better and fits in with a story that is coming in about eight issues or so. Also, Carolyn Nicols, the “new” character introduced in the first issue, gets to do a little more this time around.

I put “new” in quotes, because technically everyone is “new” in the first issue, but Carolyn was new to the story arc. There are about 3-5 years worth of stories for Jackson and Meadows that took place before the first issue, some of which will get told at some point, but they don’t involve Carolyn.

Download the second issue and let me know what you think.