Worst... series... ever...

OK, so obviously my prediction in the Eastern Conference Finals was VERY wrong, and now I’m pissed, because I get to go to the NBA Finals, but I have to go to Orlando and L.A. instead of Cleveland.

Yes, that’s right, I’m the first person in the history of the world to be pissed about going to Orlando and L.A. instead of Cleveland. I’ve been to Cleveland twice -- two years ago when I was supposed to be going to the ’07 Finals, but they got swept, and last year, to see a couple of good games. But I really wanted to go this year.

So, here’s my prediction for the Finals -- Lakers in 3.

I know it’s a best-of-7. I don’t care. The Lakers will destroy the Magic so badly, they’ll have to cancel the series out of mercy.

(OK, so I’m obviously still bitter. Real prediction -- Lakers in 7).