Cavaliers Move Into Conference Finals Undefeated

To paraphrase the Staples commercials, “that was easy.”

OK, well, maybe Game 4 wasn’t easy, but so far, the Cavaliers are 8-0 in the postseason having won every game by at least 10 points. They’re rolling so far, and it’s been crazy fun to watch. So much fun, that I had to throw together some videos, that I posted up on YouTube.

First up, a highlight reel from the first round, set to Kanye West’s “Amazing”:

Then, I made my own version of a “Where Will Amazing Happen This Year” commercial using LeBron’s first-half buzzer beater in Game 2 against the Hawks.

I’ve already got a second-round highlight reel in the works for the series against the Hawks, and I hope to have it posted by the end of the week (I need to wait until I can grab the Game 4 video).