NBA Second Round Predictions

Technically, the first round is still going on, but the second round starts later today. So, before we get to those picks, let’s review how I did in the first round.

Eastern Conference
Pick: Cavs in 4
Result: Cavs in 4. This was the easiest series on the board to pick.

Pick: Celtics in 7
Result: Celtics in 7. I didn’t expect this series to be so exciting, but I did call it going the distance.

Pick: Magic in 4
Result: Magic in 6. The 76ers performed much better than I thought they would, at least until their no-show in Game 6.

Pick: Hawks in 6
Result: TBD in 7. Game 7 is going on right now, and the Hawks seem to have it under control.

Western Conference
Pick: Lakers in 4
Result: Lakers in 5. In my original predictions, I wondered how the Jazz would win a game in this series. Well, it took a last-second shot in one of Kobe’s worst playoff games ever.

Pick: Nuggets in 6
Result: Nuggets in 5. Wow, the Hornets were a no-show in that series.

Pick: Spurs in 7
Result: Mavericks in 5. I was right in saying the Mavs wouldn’t be able to stop Tony Parker. What I didn’t count on was no one else from the Spurs doing anything positive for the entire series.

Pick: Blazers in 5
Result: Rockets in 6. I just whiffed on this one, focusing too much on the Blazers’ late-season success, instead of the full-season numbers.

So, using the TrueHoop scoring system (5 points for right pick, 2 points for right number of games), I’ve got 29 points, with another 5 points possible if the Hawks hold on. That places me above three of the official entrants in TrueHoop’s Stat Geek Smackdown.

On to the Round 2 picks:

Eastern Conference
Cavaliers vs TBD
Pick: Cavaliers in 5
Reasons: Both the Heat and Hawks are good homecourt teams, so I don’t see the Cavs sweeping either one. That said, I don’t see either team winning a game in Cleveland, or taking multiple games at home.

Celtics vs Magic
Pick: Celtics in 7
Reasons: I don’t really have any statistical proof to back this up. This is all gut feeling.

Western Conference
Lakers vs Rockets
Pick: Lakers in 6
Reasons: Yao Ming and Ron Artest can give the Lakers some problems, but LA has enough weapons to take this series.

Nuggets vs Mavericks
Pick: Nuggets in 5
Reasons: Unlike the first round, this isn’t a good matchup for Dallas. The Nuggets swept the regular season series, and shouldn’t find too much resistance here.