Project 310 - The Yoko Factor

Season 4, Episode 20 - The Yoko Factor
Original airdate: May 9, 2000
Project 310 re-watch date: March 6, 2009

This is the first part of the two-part wrap-up to the Season 4 arc, and it’s, well, honestly, it’s as disjointed as the group dynamic itself.

It’s kind of a three-part episode within itself. The first part is Spike laying the seeds, the second part has the Buffy/Riley/Angel fight and the third part is the group breakup.

And much like the rest of Season 4, it mostly just sucks. Sure, I loved seeing Angel again -- he was really the only part of this episode worth caring about. Riley was whiney again, and the Buffy/Xander/Willow/Giles fight seems contrived (mostly because it is, by Spike).

Sure, we finally get to see Adam kicking some ass, and there’s the weird twist at the end where Riley shows up at Adam’s cave all calm and ready to be part of his plan, but otherwise this episode, which has some potential, really ends up falling flat.

By this point in the season, it’s painfully obvious that the whole government conspiracy/robo-demon plot was not a good fit for the Buffyverse. Also, as I draw closer to the end of Season 4, I just want to get to Season 5, which is awesome. So I don’t have much patience for these episodes.

Favorite Quote:
Riley: “Seriously? That's... a good day? Well, there you go. Even when he's good he's all Mister... Billowy Coat King of Pain and girls really-”