Project 310 - Restless

Well, in the season finale, there are four dreams, so let’s break up this recap into each of them.

But, before we get to that, there’s one small non-dream scene before everyone falls asleep. And we’re reminded that somehow, Joyce hasn’t met Riley all season. OK, on to the dreams.

Willow’s Dream:
-The opening scene with Tara is very eerie, with the writing on the back, the desert outside, and the cat -- oh, the slow motion kitten is adorable, by the way.
-The whole drama sequence plays on Willow’s fear from “Nightmares”, and gives the creators a chance to put everyone in weird costumes. I, of course, particularly like Buffy as a ‘20s flapper girl.
-It seemed at first that Tara was only appearing in Willow’s dream because of Willow, but she might actually be speaking for The First Slayer in Willow’s dream as well as Buffy’s.
-The whole thing with Willow’s “costume” is funny. I loved seeing the flashback to Season 1 Willow, even just to show how much she’s evolved stylistically as a character.

Xander’s Dream:
-At first, it seems like Xander, Buffy and Giles are actually awake watching the movie, but it’s just the start of Xander’s dream, which is pretty cool.
-The Xander-Joyce interaction is so awkwardly funny. Who knew Joyce was a cougar?
-Spike wearing that suit and making the reference to the land shark is foreshadowing to Season Six’s “Tabula Rasa”. Very nice.
-Appropriately, Xander dreams about sex a lot. Tara and Willow are hot in their Xander-lesbian fantasy. I’ve actually got a custom set of action figures made of this scene.
-Using Principal Snyder to play the Kurtz role in Xander’s “Apocalypse Now” dream sequence is awesome.

Giles’s Dream
-This, from the beginning, is clearly a dream. I like how Giles dreams the world to be -- a family unit with Buffy as his daughter and slaying/watching being a fun carnival world.
-I love the exposition song. This was the first season we saw Giles rocking out (back in “Where the Wild Things Are”), but this song is so much better.
-It might be my imagination, but Giles’s dream seems so much shorter than the others. I guess it’s in part because he figures it out, but we can’t have the big reveal just yet.

Buffy’s Dream
-Buffy’s dream is more disjointed than most, probably because she’s The Slayer and has prophecy dreams.
-The 7:30 “clock is wrong” reference refers back to Faith’s “counting down from 7-3-0” in Season 3.
-I love the “be back before Dawn” reference from Tara.
-On the DVD commentary, Joss hints that Joyce’s appearance inside the wall is a hint toward her death in Season 5.
-Just like I think the government message at the end of “Primeval” was a shoutout to the fans about the stupidity of The Initiative storyline, I think Buffy’s dream view of The Initiative is very much the same.
-In Buffy’s dream, we start to see some of the elements that link the dreams together. The confusion in the hallway (Xander), the mud-mask (Giles), Tara giving cryptic messages (Willow). It serves as a metaphor for how Buffy brought all the elements of the group together in her fight against Adam.
-The conclusion the gang comes to is that the power of the first slayer was offended by their use of the power-joining spell. But honestly, I think more the first slayer was offended by the existence of the group in the first place. She even says “no friends.” Buffy’s always been different from the other slayers, and that pisses off the primal forces that give the Slayer her power.
-I love that Buffy’s dream ends right as she’s giving a very-Buffy, non-Slayer speech.

All The Dreams
- Joss Whedon has confirmed the cheese man has no significance other than being a random element in all four dreams. He is, however, incredibly funny in his randomness.

Favorite Quote
Tara (speaking for the First Slayer): I have no speech. No name. I live in the action of death. The blood cry. The penetrating wound. I am destruction. Absolute... Alone.