Project 310 - Recapping Season 4 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Because of the handful of really good episodes, I remembered Season 4 as being solid. However, outside of those really good episodes, there’s not much to like about Season 4. In long-term ramifications, it’s the season where Willow becomes a lesbian and Spike gets set on the path to becoming part of the gang.

However, in it’s own “Season 4” world, there’s just not much to like. Sure, “Hush” is great, the Faith episodes work well, but Riley’s always going to be the boyfriend between Angel and Spike, and The Initiative is always going to seem like a bad idea.

Well, on to Season 5 -- all in one day!

Season 4 Rankings:

1.Hush (ep. 10)
2.Who Are You (ep. 16)
3.This Year’s Girl (ep. 15)
4.Something Blue (ep. 9)
5.Fear, Itself (ep. 4)
6.Restless (ep. 22)
7.Superstar (ep. 17)
8.New Moon Rising (ep. 19)
9.Pangs (ep. 8)
10.The Harsh Light of Day (ep. 3)
11.Living Conditions (ep. 2)
12.A New Man (ep. 12)
13.Wild at Heart (ep. 6)
14.Primeval (ep. 21)
15.The Initiative (ep. 7)
16.Doomed (ep. 11)
17.The Yoko Factor (ep. 20)
18.The Freshman (ep. 1)
19.The I In Team (ep. 13)
20.Goodbye Iowa (ep. 14)
21.Where the Wild Things Are (ep. 18)
22.Beer Bad (ep. 5)