Project 310 - Primeval

Season 4, Episode 21 - Primeval
Original airdate: May 16, 2000
Project 310 re-watch date: March 7, 2009

So, it finally comes to an end. Season 4 mercifully wraps up, with the utter destruction of Adam, who ended up getting his nuclear heart ripped out by a super-powered Buffy. Good times.

This episode is interesting from a Buffy trivia perspective because it features the Big Bad being defeated BEFORE the season finale. That hadn’t happened in the first three seasons, and only happened again in Season Six.

The super-slayer spell and subsequent fight between Buffy and Adam is really incredible. It’s got some decent (for this show) special effects, it feature’s above average hand-to-hand combat and has two really formidable foes facing off. Among the four Big Bad fights, it’s right up there with the Buffy-Angel fight at the end of Season 2 (and that one featured so much combat between stunt doubles that this one is probably better). I love how Buffy’s eyes get all glowy when she’s in super-slayer mode. Also, how cool is it that Jonathan was actually right about Adam’s nuclear power center?

Really, though, the best part of this episode comes at the very end, when the government guy is explaining the failure and subsequent shutdown of The Initiative. It’s almost like he’s speaking to the fans, as an apology for how bad that whole plotline was. It’s like “hey, the government is going to completely destroy any evidence of The Initiative, so, you all should just pretend this never happened.”

For a season that sucked kind of hard, the finale actually features some very solid action. The big battle between the soldiers and demons is very well done, and Spike actually plays a helpful role (after being betrayed by Adam). I liked this episode better than most of the season.

Favorite Quote
Buffy: “You could never hope to grasp the source of our power. But yours is right here.”