Series of Tubes #1.12 - Lost in Time

I wasn’t planning on writing about “Lost” this week, but then when I got home today, this week’s edition of “Entertainment Weekly” was waiting for me with Jack and Kate on the cover.

But the EW cover story addresses a key shift in the philosophy of “Lost” this season -- in the past, “Lost” was a drama that happened to share some sci-fi elements, if you looked hard enough. Now, “Lost” is a sci-fi show up front, with time travel a key component of the show.

Reading the EW story, it’s clear that the producers of the show were planning on taking it in this direction all along (I never got that Mittleos was an anagram for Lost Time, but then again, I’ve never been looking for those anagrams).

Right now, I’m very high on how things are going on “Lost” this season, even if I wasn’t too impressed with this week’s episode. I get the feeling that we’re getting a lot of answers soon, about stuff that we’d forgotten about completely (the EW article makes reference to the skeletons in the cave found in Season 1).

The way things are going on “Lost”, I’m looking forward to re-watching the series from the start once it ends, because I bet a bunch of things that happen early on will make much more sense once everything has been resolved. And I bet that will make the show even more enjoyable than it already is.

Other TV thoughts from this week

-Could we get a new episode of “Family Guy” please? There have only been six this season, and I’m starting to wonder if FOX didn’t secretly cancel the show
-The new teacher, Rachel, on “Gossip Girl” is hot. I’m a BIG fan of that storyline. Keep things going between her and Dan, and then bring Georgina back into the picture, and this show will explode (in a good way)
-Also, in this week’s “Gossip Girl”, Dan made reference to Jenny losing the “raccoon makeup”, which I’m pretty sure was a shoutout from the writers to the fans -- their way of saying “sorry for all the Jenny crap we put you through early in the season.”
-“Fringe” gets weirder every week, and I love it. It gives me that same feeling I had back when watching Season 1 of “Lost” -- where is this going and how is it going to get there?