Project 310 - Recapping Season 3 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Season Three is a little weird, and that weirdness comes across more when you watch the season in quick succession. The Mayor is clearly the big bad, but he doesn’t really pose a direct threat until the very last episode of the season. Faith spends half the season as a hero and half as a villain, but it seems like she’s so much more integral as a villain, mostly because she represents the direct threat that The Mayor doesn’t.

Also, because of circumstances out of the control of the creators, this season is probably going to be remembered more for the two episodes that were delayed after Columbine. The season finale didn’t air until the middle of summer and one of the best episodes of the season was held back all the way until just before Season 4 started.

Season 3 Rankings:

1.The Wish (ep. 9)
2.Consequences (ep. 15)
3.Earshot (ep. 18)
4.Graduation Day, pt. 2 (ep. 22)
5.Graduation Day, pt. 1 (ep. 21)
6.Bad Girls (ep. 14)
7.Doppelgangland (ep. 16)
8.The Zeppo (ep. 13)
9.Revelations (ep. 7)
10.The Prom (ep. 20)
11.Amends (ep. 10)
12.Enemies (ep. 17)
13.Band Candy (ep. 6)
14.Lover’s Walk (ep. 8)
15.Choices (ep. 19)
16.Faith, Hope and Trick (ep. 3)
17.Homecoming (ep. 5)
18.Anne (ep. 1)
19.Gingerbread (ep. 11)
20.Helpless (ep. 12)
21.Beauty and the Beasts (ep. 4)
22.Dead Man’s Party (ep. 2)