Project 310 - Goodbye Iowa

Season 4, Episode 14 - Goodbye Iowa
Original airdate: Feb. 15, 2000
Project 310 re-watch date: Feb. 28, 2009

OK, remember back with “Hush” and “Doomed”, when I thought the scene continuation thing was kind of annoying? Well, this time, there was only one week between episodes, which makes that effect less annoying -- in fact, I actually like it here.

This episode is about two big things -- Buffy and Riley’s relationship, and the emergence of Adam as a villain. So let’s tackle those two topics.

1 - Buffy/Riley
- I hate Riley. I’m relearning that more and more as I rewatch this season, but he’s bitchy, and annoying, and he’s not who he seems to be. We learn in this episode about The Initiative’s vitamin regimen, and we’ll find out later on about his own chip. For someone that is supposed to be in love with Buffy, he’s quick to snap at her and side with The Initiative. He’s like the anti-Angel (for example, Angel always sided with Buffy, even when it didn’t make sense).

2 - Adam
- In the course of “Buffy”, the Big Bad that is usually singled out as the worst one is Season Six’s Trio (Warren, Jonathan and Andrew). Now, I haven’t gotten to the point of re-watching Season Six, but I’m feeling like Season Four’s Adam is just as bad. First off, his big “high tech” robot part is a 3.5” floppy drive built in to his chest. Really? That 1.4 MB of data is going to give him the edge on Buffy? That’s fucking retarded. Plus, his lack of personality is completely opposed to how the previous Big Bads have been portrayed.

OK, so the Buffy/Riley relationship isn’t good, and this season’s primary villain isn’t interesting. I’m just glad there aren’t that many episodes left for me to get through (and the next three aren’t very Season 4-esque).

Favorite Quote:
Xander: I totally get it now. Can I have sex with Riley too?