Fave 5 - Super Bowls

I wrote on AdamNPooZ.com on Sunday night that I thought Super Bowl XLIII was the best Super Bowl ever, and I reiterated it on the AdamNPooZ.com Podcast.

But was it my favorite? And is there a difference? Well, of course there is. My “favorite” Super Bowls are the ones that I had personal interest in. But great games definitely rank highly too. Here’s my list:

5. Super Bowl XLII - Giants 17, Patriots 14
This game would be higher if the Giants weren’t one of my least-favorite teams. Still, it was a great game, and the Patriots (one of the teams I hate the most) lost to ruin their perfect season. So that was fun.

4. Super Bowl XXII - Redskins 42, Broncos 10
This is the first time I can remember watching a Super Bowl. I didn’t stay up for the entire thing (I was only 7 years old) but I did see the entire second quarter, and it was awesome. I didn’t get the significance of Doug Williams’s performance at the time, I just knew he was the quarterback for my favorite team, he wore my favorite number, and he shredded the Broncos defense.

3. Super Bowl XLIII - Steelers 27, Cardinals 23
It was exciting, had a great finish, and the Steelers won, which made my family happy. Plus, the game was engaging from start to finish, with incredible plays by both teams.

2. Super Bowl XXXIV - Rams 23, Titans 16
A lot of people still have this game atop their all-time best Super Bowl lists, and it definitely had a great finish. I was watching this in the basement of my dorm with a bunch of rowdy college students. Also, I had money on the Rams -7, so that game-saving tackle by Mike Jones was a money-saving tackle for me. Because, as you know, if a game goes into overtime, the most a team can win by is 6.

1. Super Bowl XXVI - Redskins 37, Bills 24
I’m a Redskins fan, so seeing them get their second Super Bowl title in five years was awesome. But what makes this so much better than Super Bowl XXII? Well, I was old enough to understand what it really meant for one. And Mark Rypien, the MVP of the game, was my favorite player on the team. Plus, this was the first Super Bowl I ever watched at a Super Bowl party with friends, so it’s full of good memories all around.