Fave 5 - Eliza Dushku Roles

This week, I’ve been immersed in Season 3 of “Buffy” and getting ready for the premiere of “Dollhouse” on Friday. On top of that, I’ve been playing lots of “Saints Row 2”. What do all three have in common? Eliza Dushku (she does a voice for the video game, and stars in the two TV shows). So I’m in Eliza overload. Which is awesome, because she is incredibly hot. Like, really, on another level. In fact, if I had to pick between her and Sarah Michelle Gellar, I’d take Eliza 7 days a week (and twice on Sunday... please...).

So, it’s time to run down Eliza’s career, with my Fave 5 of her roles (not including “Dollhouse”, because I haven’t actually seen it yet).

5. Tru Davies on “Tru Calling”

I tried watching this show when it was on, I really did. It just, well, it wasn’t very good. Tru wasn’t a great character, and this show prevented Joss Whedon from doing a Faith spinoff. Still, as always, Eliza was hot, and there was a supernatural element to it. Plus, it didn’t even last two full seasons, so there’s not much of an investment needed to enjoy the whole thing.

4. Jessie Burlingame in “Wrong Turn”
“Wrong Turn” was a shitty horror movie, in the mold of shitty horror movies. The main purpose of the movie was to get its female lead into a skimpy outfit, get her wet and have her run around frequently. Mission. Accomplished.

3. Dana Tasker in “True Lies”
I LOVE this movie. It’s not in my Top 10, but it’s probably one of the more underrated action movies of all-time. Eliza’s role is small (she’s Arnold’s daughter), but I always held out hope that they’d eventually make a “True Lies 2” and she’d have a bigger, more ass-kicking part. At this point, it’s probably never going to happen, but maybe someone can just make a kick-ass movie with Eliza Dushku.

2. Missy Pantone in “Bring it On”
I saw this movie long before I ever watched “Buffy”, so this was my introduction to Eliza Dushku. This movie is worth watching just for the car wash scene. Actually, you can see Eliza in her bikini on Hulu.com now, so you don’t need to bother with the whole movie (but, really, it is a fun movie, I swear).

1. Faith on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”
Actually, if I had to pick, I’d choose “Angel” Faith over “Buffy” Faith. Sure, evil Faith in Season 3 was fun, and leader Faith in Season 7 was cool, but she was better in both roles on “Angel”. We got to see the true evil of Faith when she tortured Wesley in Season 1 of “Angel” and she was a great, self-sacrificing leader in Season 4 when Angel went bad. Plus, we got the cool “Welcome Faith” statue out of her “Angel” appearances.