Your National Champions - Utah

I know Bowl Season isn’t over yet, but I’m doing it. I’m declaring Utah my national champions.

I said before the bowls started that if there was one unbeaten team left, then I’d make that team my national champs, and I really feared that it might end up being Boise State. I never even considered that Utah might beat Alabama.

Sure, you can make all kinds of excuses (Andre Smith being out destroyed Alabama’s offense, the Crimson Tide defense took Utah lightly and fell into too deep of a hole to dig out of), but the fact is, Utah beat everyone on its schedule, including a team that was ranked No. 1 for a good month.

This of course means the Fiesta Bowl (featuring Texas) and the BCS National Championship Game (featuring Florida and Oklahoma) are now irrelevant in my poll. I’ll still hold off on the final poll until after those games, but Utah does get my number one spot.