SportsBytes #3.11

• LeBron, you know I love you, but that wasn’t a crab dribble (which, despite what some people have said, isn’t something LeBron made up, it’s a real basketball technique). That was a travel. Looking at the video in super slow motion, you might be able to make the argument that the first step came while the ball was still bouncing back into his hand from the previous dribble, but it’s a split-second difference. To the naked eye, it just looked like 3 steps. Deal with it.

• That said, the loss wasn’t entirely devastating for the Cavs, since the Celtics have been slumping of late too. Remember about a month ago when it seemed like the Celtics and Cavs would keep pushing each other and both end up around 70 wins. Well, now it seems more likely that Boston, Cleveland and Orlando all end up around 60 wins (which would still be pretty impressive for one conference).

• As for why Boston and Cleveland are suddenly losing, I’ve got no answers. Well, at least I have none for Boston. For Cleveland, they’re falling into the habits that made them a 45-win team last season -- slow starts, too much standing around and watching LeBron, and (not that this is an excuse) injuries. They can’t do anything about the injuries to Boobie Gibson and Big Z, but they can do something about the slow starts. They need to get back into that attack mentality that had them outscoring their opponents by six points in the first quarter through the first month of the season.

• As for non-NBA stuff, the Mets made a contract offer to Derek Lowe, but he doesn’t seem too keen on signing it (3 years, $36M). Look, I understand Lowe thinks he’s worth $15M a year, but once you’re above a couple million dollars, is there really that much of a difference? In this economy, shouldn’t Lowe just take the guaranteed $36M? Unless he knows he’s got a better offer out there (and I haven’t seen any indication that there is one), then he’d be stupid not to take the Mets money while its on the table.