Series of Tubes #1.8

A quickie, since there hasn’t been much TV to speak of lately:

• ABC’s “Eli Stone” has taken a darker turn during these last few weeks, and it’s made the show significantly less fun to watch. Where are the big sweeping musical numbers? Where’s the cases with the uplifting messages? Where’s the Julie Gonzalo? If I wanted to be bored and depressed, I’d watch “Grey’s Anatomy” (and at least then, I’d get my Katherine Heigl fix).

• Speaking of off-the-rail ABC shows, Blair Underwood said earlier this week that he considers “Dirty, Sexy, Money” canceled. I consider that welcome news. The show, after a promising start last season, has been nearly unwatchable this season. I’m not sure where exactly it when wrong, but it was probably somewhere between Patrick becoming obsessed with his transvestite lover and Nick breaking up with his wife.

• FOX has started running ads for “Dollhouse”, the new show from Joss Whedon starring former “Buffy” star Eliza Dushku. This is a MUST watch. Seriously. If you’re on my blog, you probably don’t need convincing, but seriously, watch this show (otherwise, FOX will cancel it before it can hit its creative stride, like “Firefly”, “Drive”, and probably soon “Fringe”).