Series of Tubes #1.11

Aside from Wednesday’s premiere of “Lost”, there were 3 particularly TV shows that I really enjoyed this week. Let’s run them down one by one:

“How I Met Your Mother”
Episode 4.13 - “Three Days of Snow”
My biggest complaint about this show is that they don’t seem to be getting any closer to the main point -- the meeting of the mother. Still, when they do an episode like this, it doesn’t matter. The story unfolded over the first 15 minutes of the episode, with Lily trying to get beer for Marshall, Marshall and Robin trying to get to the airport to meet Lily, and Barney and Ted running the bar to impress some girls. Then, the big twist came, showing that the events were actually happening over 3 days, and Marshall still had a chance to meet Lily (you really have to see the episode for that to make sense). It led to one of the sweet moments that makes this show tolerable, even when it’s not going anywhere.

“Gossip Girl”
Episode 2.16 - “You’ve Got Yale”
This show is at its best when people are forming uneasy alliances with people they don’t like to do some really messed up stuff. So seeing Lily working with Chuck was very cool. But for me, this episode was all about the introduction of Serena and Blair’s new teacher. Blair is at her best when she’s got enemies, and Rachel has already proven to be a formidable one. And Rachel’s definitely going to have a Georgina-esque effect on the Serena-Dan relationship. Oooh, this is gonna be so much fun.

Episode 1.11 - “Bound”
Remember last week, when I wrote that I had completely forgotten about “Smallville” during its two months off -- well, the exact opposite was true of “Fringe”. This show is much like “Lost” in that for every question it answers, 3 or 4 more pop up, and they continue to deepen the mystery of everything. That was definitely the case this week, when, once again, the last few minutes of the episodes turned everything on its head. Who is after Olivia? What do they want with her? And who’s on who’s side?