Series of Tubes #1.10

“24” is back, but that’s not what I’m actually writing about this week.

No, it’s more the impact of “24” on my TV-watching schedule. “24” now adds an hour to my designated TV time, with “Lost” slated to take up another hour starting next week. On top of that, “Dollhouse” is hitting the air soon, and “Reaper” is coming back in March.

This puts me close to 20 hours of TV watching a week, before you even factor in the 7 episodes of “Buffy” for Project 310 and, well, sports.

Now, last year, this wouldn’t have been a problem. I was working nights, so I was watching sports at work, and then catching up on TV when I woke up in the late morning/early afternoon. Only now I’m working days, so I have to cram scripted TV and “Buffy” into the same window as live sports.

Another factor that helped last year was the writers’ strike. After the strike was over, there were some series that didn’t come back until Fall of 2008. That’s not happening this year, so instead, I’m taking control of my own network and putting a few of my series on hiatus. Here they are, along with my justifications.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I’ve written before that the second season of this show has been pretty stupid at times, and doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere (and exactly how easy is it to send someone back from the future to a specific point in John Connor’s life, because it seems like he’s surrounded by future people/cyborgs). Plus, with the show hovering near cancellation anyway, I figure I can just catch up on the final episodes during the summer.

Eli Stone
It’s sad for me to push this show aside, but the show has definitely lost its way during season 2. The big musical sequences that brought a light spirit to season 1 have been sparse in season 2, and the recent episodes have been really dark. Also, like TSCC, this show is close to being cancelled (and some reports say it’s already been shut down).

Dirty, Sexy, Money
Another near-cancelled (or possibly already-cancelled) show, “Dirty, Sexy, Money” has just been stupid in Season 2. Nick used to have a normal life, and he was trying hard to keep that, despite the interference from The Darlings. Now, he’s essentially just another member of the Darling family. Lame.

James Marsters’s Brainiac is not coming back. Lex Luthor is not coming back. This show is just going to continue to shit on the Superman mythology. So, yeah, I can do without that on a week-to-week basis. In fact, it’d been so long since there’d been a new episode (Nov. 20 was the last one), that I had totally forgotten about the show until this week’s episode popped up on my DVR.