Project 310 - Recapping Season 2 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Season 2 is when “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” went from being an interesting show, but nothing special, to one of the great shows in television history.

I wrote about this in my recap of “School Hard” but I wanted to address perhaps the most debated thing about Season 2: which of the 3 vampires is really the Big Bad?

I argued then for Drusilla (using the evidence presented in Season 7’s “Lessons”) and I still maintain that. Yes, Angelus is incredibly cool, but it’s hard to accept him as the “Big Bad”, when he spends half the season with a soul and gets it back at the end of the season.

Ditto on Spike, who actually collaborates with Buffy in the final episode. No, the one of the trio who is working against Buffy the entire time is Drusilla. Among some of the things she does:

-she has Spike assemble the Judge for her birthday
-her psychic abilities lead to the discovery of Acathla
-she kills Kendra
-she uses her powers to trick Giles into giving them the information they need.

Beyond just being an imposing force herself, Drusilla’s sexuality drives the actions of both Angelus and Spike throughout Season 2. It’s almost like they do things just to impress her (something Spike later confirms in Season 5’s “Fool For Love”).

Now, time for the final Season 2 rankings.

1.Becoming, Part 2 (ep. 22)
2.Innocence (ep. 14)
3.Becoming, Part 1 (ep. 21)
4.Surprise (ep. 13)
5.Passion (ep. 17)
6.What’s My Line, Part 2 (ep. 10)
7.School Hard (ep. 3)
8.Halloween (ep. 6)
9.What’s My Line, Part 1 (ep. 9)
10.I Only Have Eyes For You (ep. 19)
11.Ted (ep. 11)
12.When She Was Bad (ep. 1)
13.The Dark Age (ep. 8)
14.Phases (ep. 15)
15.Lie to Me (ep. 7)
16.Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (ep. 16)
17.Inca Mummy Girl (ep. 4)
18.Some Assembly Required (ep. 2)
19.Killed by Death (ep. 18)
20.Reptile Boy (ep. 5)
21.Bad Eggs (ep. 12)
22.Go Fish (ep. 20)