Project 310 - Recapping Season 1 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Looking back at Season 1, it was better than I’d remembered it. It was uneven at points, but it was definitely a good watch all the way through. I figure, having just seen every episode again, it would be a good time to rank all the episodes. I plan on doing this for all of Project 310, assigning each episode a rank within the season, and overall (the overall rank will only reflect the episodes I’ve re-watched, which right now is just Season 1... so don’t ask why I don’t have “The Gift” as my No. 1 episode... we’ll get to that...)

Season 1 Episode Rankings:

1. Prophecy Girl (ep. 12)
2. Angel (ep. 7)
3. The Harvest (ep. 2)
4. Nightmares (ep. 10)
5. Witch (ep. 3)
6. Welcome to the Hellmouth (ep. 1)
7. Out of Mind, Out of Sight (ep. 11)
8. The Puppet Show (ep. 9)
9. Teacher’s Pet (ep. 4)
10. Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (ep. 5)
11. I Robot, You Jane (ep. 8)
12. The Pack (ep. 6)