Project 310 - Beauty and the Beasts

Season 3, Episode 4 - “Beauty and the Beasts”
Original airdate: October 20, 1998
Project 310 re-watch date: Jan. 28, 2009

Random Student Alert!: It’s Pete and Debbie. Pete turns out to be the bad guy, and Debbie’s a victim. We’ve never seen either of them before, and we never will again.

This episode would definitely be better if we’d never seen Pete and Debbie at all. The whole Pete is the monster plotline just serves to obscure the dangers that both Oz and Angel pose.

Oh, yeah, Angel, he’s back. He magically reappeared at the end of “Faith, Hope and Trick” with no explanation (and no mention from me in my recap, because I wanted to save it for this episode).

One of the things that always bothered me about Angel’s return (aside from never getting a real explanation as to how it happened) was the overall improbability of it. OK, let’s accept that Angel, suddenly re-ensouled, was sucked into a hell dimension. And let’s accept that time moves different there. How did he even survive? I would imagine that at some point, some evil demon would have gotten sick of torturing him and just staked him.

Also, every vampire we’ve seen of that advanced age (The Master, Kakistos, even Darla to some extent) had more of a demonic visage than Angel. Angel’s vampire face is no different now than when he was in his 200s. I understand that he’s Angel, and somehow that makes him different, but it’s still stupid.

The Oz storyline was interesting too. Since Oz first became a werewolf, that reality had been mostly played for comedic effect (i.e., people informing other people casually that Oz is a werewolf). But in this episode, we get to see the serious consequences that can stem from that. In a way, it lays the groundwork for what eventually happens in Season 4.