Project 310 - Band Candy

Season 3, Episode 6 - “Band Candy”
Original airdate: November 10, 1998
Project 310 re-watch date: Jan. 30, 2009

In a strange way, the structure of this episode mirrors the evil plot of the episode. In “Band Candy”, Mr. Trick hires Ethan Rayne to distribute cursed candy to the adults of Sunnydale, turning them into immature teenagers (not physically, though) and distracting them from the main evil plot, which is to kidnap babies and offer them as sacrifice to a demon as part of The Mayor’s plan.

How is this like the structure of the episode? Well, the reason behind the candy was to serve as a distraction for a plot so evil the adults of Sunnydale would never let it happen. In the same way, the comedy of the early part of the episode serves as a distraction for that same evil plot, which is heinous even by “Buffy” standards.

That said, the bulk of this episode is spent in comedy mode. “Buffy” didn’t do comedy often, but when the show went in that direction, it was usually pretty good. My favorite part of this episode, by far, was the relationship between Giles and Joyce. I never would have imagined them getting it on. They always seemed more a couple by appreciation than by affection.

As for Giles himself, it’s easy to miss the first time watching the episode, but when he reverts to younger mode, his accent changes. The accent that “Ripper” has is actually closer to Anthony Head’s real accent. It’s also funny, because James Marsters based his British accent on Anthony Head’s real accent, so “Ripper” ends up sounding like Spike for most of the episode.

This is also the second-to-last appearance of Ethan Rayne. For a guy who was only on the show 4 times, Ethan made quite an impact. Also, this episode fits into his M.O. He doesn’t have a big evil plan. He just worships Chaos, and every one of his schemes is designed to create chaos (“The Dark Age” doesn’t count -- that wasn’t an Ethan scheme, it was just a consequence of something he and Giles did when they were younger).