iPhoto ’09 - Not Quite Perfect

So last night I started to play around with the Faces feature of iPhoto ’09. It’s an interesting idea -- iPhoto will identify faces in your pictures, then you can tag them with identification. After awhile, iPhoto gets smart and start matching unidentified faces with people you’ve already identified.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Let’s see some fun examples.

I’ve got a lot of desktop wallpaper in my iPhoto library (it’s a great way to keep them organized), so iPhoto has the added task here of identifying celebrities. And no, iPhoto, Britney Spears is not Christina Aguilera.

Nor is Britney Spears the wife of my best friend. The best part is this is a poster that was in the background of a picture of my room about 6 years ago. And yet somehow, it still identified the face. That doesn’t excuse the misidentification.

Also, iPhoto, Charlize Theron is not a former NBA player who averaged 5.7 PPG during his NBA career. You don’t even get an A for effort on this one, iPhoto. More like an F-minus.

This is particularly funny to me, as a “Chamed” fan. No, iPhoto, Shannen Doherty was the one that got kicked off the show after 3 seasons. Holly Marie Combs was the dignified actress who had to suffer through stupid costumes. Fail.

Again with the Jon Barry? That, in case you’re wondering, would be Halle Berry. Last name sounds the same, but spelled differently. They’re not related, and they look nothing alike.