Fave 5 - Lost Characters on Lost

In just about an hour my favorite current TV show, “Lost”, returns to the airwaves after what seems like way too long of a time away (but really wasn’t more than we’re used to at this point). More mysteries, more questions, more psuedo-science fiction, and, probably more deaths.

That’s right, “Lost” probably has one of the highest mortality rates for key characters of any show on TV these days. And, in honor of those that have been taken from us, I’m going to pick my Fave 5 lost “Lost” characters (I say lost rather than dead, because on this show, you just never know).

5. Boone Carlyle
Boone wasn’t particularly an enjoyable character, at least, until his last few episodes when he worked with Locke on opening the hatch. But his death, all the way back in Season 1, was poignant and set the tone for the rest of the series that no one was safe.

4. Ethan Rom
Ethan was the first one of “The Others” that we met, and he still is second only to Ben in overall creepiness. When Charlie killed him, it was awesome, but I also kind of miss the guy -- I feel like a lot of secrets about the island died with him.

3. Claire Littleton
Ah, poor Claire. Her “death” (if it was a true death) was very strange. She was in a cabin that got blown up, then she seemed fine, then she started acting weird and disappeared. Still, when she was alive, she often served as the show’s emotional center. While Jack and Locke were at each other’s throats, Claire was taking care of her baby and surviving, making the best of what she could.

2. Jin Kwon
I’m not entirely convinced that Jin is dead, even though he was on the freighter when it exploded. Still, he experienced more character growth than anyone during the show’s first four seasons -- going from uptight businessman who spoke no English to devoted lover, dedicated completely to his wife. I really hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

1. Charlie Pace
Speaking of sad deaths, who wasn’t a little teary-eyed when Charlie sacrificed himself for Claire and Aaron, then gave Desmond that last haunting message, “Not Penny’s Boat”? Charlie was such a cool character -- the former drug-addicted rock star who became a caring surrogate dad to Aaron -- and he was probably more connected with all the other characters on the island than anyone else. I miss Charlie.