College Football Top 10 - Post-Bowl Edition

Well, it’s finally here... the college football season ended a few days ago, but I decided to keep to the schedule and publish my final rankings on Monday. This, despite the fact that I declared Utah my national champion last week.

Here’s the funny thing about final rankings -- beyond No. 1, they don’t really matter. I mean, does anyone care where I put Texas or USC or Florida, if they’re not No. 1? No (of course, no one really cares where I rank any team, so, yeah...)

10. Ole Miss
Early in the season, their win over Florida seemed like an aberration. But the Rebels won 6 straight to end the year, including a thrashing of Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. Look out for them next year.

9. Penn State
Big Ten+USC+Bowl Game=ouch.

8. Boise State
Part of me wants to drop them further, but no one other than Utah and Florida had a better record at the end of the season.

7. Alabama
That was just a putrid performance by a team that seemed like it never recovered from losing the SEC Championship Game. And has one offense ever needed a left tackle like the Tide needed Andre Smith?

6. TCU
Did you realize that TCU’s only 2 losses came against Oklahoma and Utah? And they beat previously unbeaten Boise State in a Bowl Game. This might be one of the more under-the-radar 11-2 teams in college football history.

5. Oklahoma
I was honestly surprised at how little the Sooners offense did against Florida. I figured that game would be much more high scoring. Goes to show you what I know.

4. USC
A lot of people are high on this team’s chances in 2009. Have you seen what they lose on defense? Pretty much everybody. While the Pac-10 still isn’t a dominant conference, it’d be hard for any team to recover from that.

3. Texas
Wow, how much does it suck that they couldn’t stop Texas Tech on that last drive? And how big is that dropped interception now? It’s basically the difference between a national title (or at least a shot at one) and a meaningless Fiesta Bowl win.

2. Florida
This isn’t really their fault. If not for a bad quarter against Ole Miss, they’d be unbeaten, and no one would care about Utah.

1. Utah
They’re the only unbeaten team left, and their bowl win came against a team that was ranked No. 1 for pretty much the entire final month of the regular season. I think that’s good enough.

Dropped out: 7 Texas Tech (lost 2 of last 3, gave up an average of 46.7 PPG in those 3 games), 10 Ohio State (choked in Fiesta Bowl).