This Week in Buffy History: Dec. 21-27

December 26
UNKNOWN YEAR - Justin Gorence born (played Orlando in Season 5)

Since there’s only one “Buffy” event this week, I’m going to give you a list of the 5 Buffy/Angel episodes you should watch on Christmas.

5. “The Replacement” - Buffy Season 5, Episode 3
Xander does the Snoopy dance. It was mentioned a few times before this, but this was the first time it was actually seen on the show. As a “Buffy” fan, I’d rather see this than watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for the 200th time.

4. “The Wish” - Buffy Season 3, Episode 9
This is the “Buffy” version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” -- what would Sunnydale have become without Buffy? And Sarah Michelle Gellar is way hotter than Jimmy Stewart.

3. “You’re Welcome” - Angel Season 5, Episode 12
Everyone’s holiday will be a little better with the gift of Charisma Carpenter (and Charisma’s spectacular chest).

2. “The Gift” - Buffy Season 5, Episode 22
I know it’s a sad ending, but the title makes it a perfect holiday choice.

1. “Amends” - Buffy Season 3, Episode 10
The only true Christmas episode of either series (they mostly did Halloween episodes) also introduces The First, Season 7’s big bad.