SportsBytes #3.9

• The Celtics have won 18 straight and honestly look like they could become the second team in NBA history to win 70 games. It’ll be hard for them to win 72 -- like the ‘95-96 Bulls did -- but they’ll have the Cavs pushing them for home-court advantage most of the way, so that could help increase Boston’s win total.

• As for the Cavs, they’ve got a big game tonight against the Rockets, heading home for the first time after a 3-1 road trip. Cleveland has been dominant over the past month, but Im worried that LeBron James’s minutes are getting too high again. Early in the season, LeBron’s minutes were way down (36.6 min PG in November vs 40.4 min PG last season), but now he’s up to 41.0 in the last 5 games, including 3 games of 40+.

• The Redskins came out today and said they’re going to keep Jim Zorn, which , despite my protestations last week, is probably the right move. One of my co-workers is also a Redskins fan and pointed out to me that Washington has more problems than just coaching. Changing the head coach isn’t going to fix the defensive line, and it’ll probably only exacerbate Jason Campbell’s development issues (since he’d have to learn another offense, his 5th in 6 seasons). Still, Zorn should be on a short leash in 2008.

• My official BCS Bowl Game picks:
Rose Bowl: USC 38, Penn State 20
Orange Bowl: Cincinnati 27, Virginia Tech 18
Sugar Bowl: Alabama 30, Utah 6
Fiesta Bowl: Texas 45, Ohio State 10

I’ll have my national championship game pick next week.