SportsBytes #3.8: Jim Zorn is the worst coach in America

He said it himself.

Of course, he was probably being sarcastic, but he makes a valid point. The Redskins have enough talent to be a playoff team, but they won’t be. They started 6-2, but they’ve gone 1-5 in the second half of the season -- with two likely losses on the horizon.

The problems in Washington became obvious a few weeks ago when Clinton Portis came out and sarcastically called Zorn a genius, which was actually his way of calling Zorn the worst coach in America.

Well, to be fair, Zorn isn’t that bad. Many people in the media would never admit this, but I’m going to -- Zorn is a better NFL coach than I am. He’s a better NFL coach than my family. And he’s probably a better NFL coach than PooZ.

Does that qualify him to be an NFL coach. Well, not really. Among NFL coaches, I can only legitimately say he’s better than Rod Marinelli -- and the Lions are 0-16.

I wrote back in February, when Zorn was hired, that I didn’t like the hiring. I obviously like it even less now. I also wrote back then that the Redskins could be doing another coaching search after this season. I obviously could be right on that front too.

Again, I reiterate. Jim Zorn... WTF?!