Series of Tubes #1.6


- The big mystery on “Desperate Housewives” this season -- the Dave story -- is definitely more interesting than some of the stuff that’s happened in recent years. Obviously, season 2 was a debacle and I never liked how the whole Orson thing played out in season 3. Last year’s mystery with Katherine ended with a cool, and incredibly heart-wrenching, reveal, but I didn’t buy it throughout the season. I definitely buy this Dave vs Mike thing.


- “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” has turned into the most depressing show on television. It gets darker and darker on a week-to-week basis, to the point where it hurts to watch it. I understand that the story builds to something close to the annihilation of the human race, but does it have to be so emo all the time?

- I’m a spoiler-reader, so I knew what was coming in “Gossip Girl” with Bart’s death, but the way it all unfolded -- leading into what seems to be a bigger mystery with Lily -- was very cool.

- The two-part “Eclipse” episode of “Heroes” was an incredible letdown. This was supposed to be a game-changer. Instead at the end of the 2 hours, Peter was still whiny and powerless, HRG was still overprotective of Claire, Hiro still didn’t have his memories and the general storyline was still fucked. Basically, the whole episode served to clarify that Peter and Nathan are on opposite sides and Sylar is going back to being evil again. Lame.


- I can’t believe “Fringe” is going on hiatus until January. This show is incredible. I finally watched it on my DVR instead of my computer this week, which means that I had to actually deal with commercials (though I still fast-forwarded through them). I love the short-break/fewer-breaks deal that is going on with the show (more TV, less advertising is always good for the viewer), plus the story is getting much more interesting.

- If “Terminator” is the darkest show on TV, then “Eli Stone” has to be the most uplifting. Even when it goes to dark places, the great positive message still comes through. This week’s episode, with the ending scene with Eli’s dad, was phenomenal.


- Part of me wants to stop caring about the storylines on “Dirty Sexy Money”, since the show probably isn’t going to continue beyond its current 13-episode run, but I would like to at least enjoy the remaining episodes. And I’m not enjoying the storyline that’s going on with Nick right now. He was supposed to be searching for his father’s killer and stay semi-grounded in the real world. This season, he’s gotten so off track that I really feel like he’s just another member of the Darling family. Super lame.


- “30 Rock” gets funnier and funnier every week. This week’s episode, “Reunion”, was classic. I loved seeing the Liz Lemon flashbacks. The more ridiculous this show gets (Jack pretending to be one of Liz’s popular high school classmates), the better it gets. This is the classic example of how great writing and good acting come together to make a TV show memorable.